Corrugated Roof sheeting

Corrugated Roof sheeting is the most commonly known profile and has strong structural properties.

Corrugated profile or also known as S-rib profile is continuously curved sheeting. The S-rib profile can be use roofing and cladding applications. It is the most commonly know profile and has strong structural properties. We manufacture both Corrugated 10.5 (762mm) and 8.5 (610mm).

Corrugated Roof sheeting
Corrugated roof sheeting 2


When using Corrugated sheeting the recommended minimum roof slope (pitch) for sheets longer than 15m is 15°, and for sheets shorter than 15m the minimum roof slope is 10°.


Overall Width (8.5 Galv): 700 mm

Overall Width (10.5 Galv): 840 mm

Effective Cover (8.5 Galv): 610 mm

Effective Cover (10.5 Galv): 762 mm

Thickness: 0.27 – 0.8 mm

Length: up to 15m

Material: Various

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