Widespan Roof sheeting

Widespan Roof Sheeting has a bigger coverage area and is able to save on sheeting than regular IBR sheeting.

Widespan profile similar to IBR is an angular trapezoidal fluted sheet and the difference being the cover width (762mm) of the roof sheet, and the depth of the flutes (29mm). With its bigger coverage area resulting in a saving of +-10% on sheeting vs regular IBR sheeting.

Widespan Roof Sheeting
Widespan Roof Sheeting


Widespan recommended minimum pitch for roof slopes in excess of 15m is 10° and for slopes less than 15m is 7,5°. Widespan sheeting can be ordered in any length, subject to transport limitations, up to 12m. Longer lengths can be manufactured but special transport needs to be arranged.


Overall Width: 800 mm

Effective Cover: 762 mm

Thickness: 0.3 – 0.8 mm

Length: up to 15m

Material: Various

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